oil painting reproductions 
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oil paintings reproduction

are made in China,order directly from us save up to 60% cost!
    Frequently Asked Questions
About Painting :
Q:Are they paintings or prints?
Q:Does the reproduction look exactly like original?
Q:What is your satisfaction guarantees?
Q:Can you do paintings from photographs, or paintings that are not in your site?
Q:Who are the artists?
Q: Do your artists sign the paintings?
Q:Can I send you an old black and white photo to be painted in color?
About Ordering:
Q:What is the minimum order quantity?
Q:What's the biggest size you do?
Q:Can I order in non-standard sizes?
Q:What is your price? How to get quotation?
Q:How to order?
About Payment:
Q:PAYMENT -what are my choices to pay?
Q:When do we pay for the paintings?
Q:Are there international import duties?
About Delivery:
Q:What method of shipment and what about the shipping cost?
Q:What is the delivery time?
Q:How sturdy is your packaging?
Q:What if I get the painting but decide I don't like it?
Q:Can you send the paintings just mounted, not framed?
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